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About Leo

Leo has worked as a Camera Operator, Director, and Cinematographer/Director of Photography since 2012. Most of his background is within television production, and he has worked on some of Norway's largest television productions. In addition, he has worked on several music videos, documentaries, short films and TV series.

As a trans DP, he loves shooting LTBTQ stories, amongst all kinds of genres. 

Leo has a huge passion for the art of visual language. He is open, loves to explore, and is always looking to grow professionally and personally. He is dedicated by heart and always strives for the best result no matter the scale of the production. 

He moved from Norway to Los Angeles to study Cinematography at AFI in 2021. 


Leo graduated from Westerdals Film & Television production in 2010, where he studied directing and screenplay for two years. 
He is a current Cinematography fellow at the American Film Institute Class of 23


Panavision DXL 2, Arri Alexa Mini, Sony F55 / F5, RED Monstro, Sony FS7/FS5, Sony A7III, Canon C300 mk II, Sony X500, Sony PDW 700, Canon 5D mkII

Software skills

Adobe Lightroom Classic, Final Cut Pro X, Color Finale Pro

Awards & Nominations
The documentary "Historien om deg og meg" / "The story about you and me" produced in 2009 won several prices at: 

Norway's student academy award Gullkalven 2009: 

Winner of the Honorary award 
Winner of 1st prize in the category Documentary 

Skeive Filmer Festivalen / Queer film festival 2009: 
Winner of the audience award

The Norwegian documentary festival 2009: 
Nominated for Best Documentary 


EuroDoc Festival 2010:
Selected for screening

Leo Behrens in media
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